Launching an Amazon Travel Brand With Shopify And Making $69,426.40 In The First 60 days.


We are very fortunate to work with a lot of awesome businesses that have great products and offers that we can scale rapidly (humble brag!). However, this is one of those businesses/products that we came across that just screamed ‘WHY HASN’T SOMEONE DONE THIS BEFORE”.

The Business

Run by the inventor, this 3 product business was built on networking events and eventually moved over to Amazon and grown over the last 6 years. Competing in the highly competitive travel niche it was never going to be an ‘easy win’ however with a unique spin on a common product they stood out from the crowd and ‘made their own market’.

The Problem

With a limited budget for testing, $5000 p/m (to start), and entering a highly competitive market, this was never going to be an easy task. Not only that, but with the limited data available from Amazon meant besides price and market demand we were starting from scratch, but we had an ace up our sleeve.

The Solution

Starting with this client at the beginning of Q4 left us in both a good and bad position. We knew the big holiday sales were coming up but we had no data, no creative to start with. Regardless we pursued the strategy to hard launch the brand over the Black Friday weekend to give us not only the best chance of success but ‘the best bank for our buck’.

The Strategy

1) Using Facebooks AI To Find Creative & Audience Combinations

Our usually creative testing strategies would have left us with a limited budget to spend on audience testing so a new strategy would have to be deployed.

Because we knew the product was in demand (at least on Amazon) we were able to focus all of our attention on ad creative and audiences. The implementation of this was however different.

We leveraged Facebooks AI (artificial intelligence) to give us the best chance of not only being able to find the right creative but also the right audiences simultaneously. We did this using dynamic creative testing and then we waited for the data to come in.

As you can see from Adset level there were some ‘diamonds in the rough’, however, we need to break down granularly at ad level to find the real winners.

Step 1: Using ‘Breakdown’

Step 2: Click the ‘top secret’ arrow to see all ad creatives results together.

Step 3: See the combined success of all ads used in the different dynamic creatives

Analyzing the data above, the creatives with the most sales weren’t necessarily the most profitable. With a ‘proof of concept’ with regard to audience and ad creative, the next stage was the start our preparations for the Black Friday Weekend.

2) Leveraging the upcoming BF/CM weekend

This was an extremely important aspect to the success of this launch and business. Using a combination of Pre-sell pages, Promotional offers Email, and a systemized approach we were able to achieve over $69k in the first 60 days.

Just in case you are wondering why we are not going into more depth here, we have done an entire article on how to successfully crush both your goals and the competition during promotional periods so I highly recommend you check that out.

The Result

Starting from $0, we were able to generate over $69k in sales in the first 60 days, which gave us the start we needed. Not only did we make money, we proved the price, offer, creative, and scalability away from Amazon.

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