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Nood are going against the grain with their sleek brand-less accessories. Despite a strong creative vision driving the brand, Nood had hit a sales plateau. We helped to develop and execute paid acquisition strategies that not only enabled more spend, but greater returns!


With a plateau in sales & ROAS on the Facebook platform, Nood came to us wanting to solve their scaling issues, increase ROAS to over 3X and implement a scaling strategy ready for a BIG Q4 push.

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With a tech accessories business, these challenges were always going to pop up.

Having a standout product that you can buy a variation of almost anywhere.

Asking to charge 10X more than competitors in the niche.

Our challenge centred around a large attribution discrepancy which made optimisation of any campaigns a guess, at best. We then needed to figure out how to create angles for the product that would make it stand out amongst everyone else. We then had to scale the campaigns whilst increasing ROAS. This is never an easy feat, but a challenge we gladly accepted. 


Firstly we had to address the elephant in the room, they were tracking 2X ROAS overall but none of the numbers added up. The pixel also wasn’t firing correctly which made the idea of systematically scaling impossible. We did an in-depth analysis of the website, tracked events and customer flow which lead us to discover issues with both. After we put a fix in place we were set for the next stage.

How do you stand out & charge more? CONTENT! We used a combination of aspirational style imagery and modest but effective flat-lays to evoke the lifestyle that comes with being a part of the Nood brand. Nood had also made the conscious decision at the beginning to be ‘brandless’. This means removing labels on their accessories. The result? In addition to having celebrities buying their products, they have a raving fan base.

Once we figured out how to position the brand, it enabled us to see significant increase in ROAS. In turn, this enabled us to spend a greater amount on gathering the ‘juicy’ data ready for a big Q4 push. 

(Spoiler alert, we did over 6 figures p/m throughout Q4!)


"We were sitting on 2x ROAS we are not on 2-4X ROAS on Cold traffic and 5-6X ROAS on Retargeting..."

Gary Macdonough

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