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Win, win, win. Three words we would use to explain Save The Bees. Using the power of eCommerce they developed a business centred around giving back. 


To make over $1 Million dollars in 90 days with a ROAS greater than 2X.

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With immense pressure and little time to spare, Save The Bees’ manager needed a team to come in and scale aggressively and in turn, freeing up his time. 

With the extra time, we were able to focus on our biggest challenge which was profitably adding over $1 million in revenue in 90 days. Considering the brand had made less than $300k to date, this was no easy feat. 


To scale as quickly as was desired, we had to come up with a unique mechanism to do so.

The brand was built around giving, yet this was rarely suggested in their advertising. Seeing this as a missed opportunity we decided to leverage a ‘win,win,win’ scenario. The consumer gets a great product as a resonable price, a portion of the profits go to conservation and relief efforts and the company also scales up. Doing so allows Save The Bees to spend more on advertising and ultimately sell more product and do good in the world.

The issue with this scenario was that the story was hard to tell visually. We relied heavily on our copywriters to captivate the amazing narrative behind the brand and essentially allow the products to sell themselves via both ad copy and product page copy.

The final aspect of making this explosive growth a wild success was the site optimisation which included implementing upsells, cross-sells and a purchase strategy. The outcome of this was an AOV increase of over 50%, which in turn meant we could afford to pay more for a customer.


"Some months we have been spending $400,000, and they've been doing an incredible job"

Connor Shelefontiuk

Save The Bees

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