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STAIX came to us as a disruptor brand in the making. With big visions and goals, this start up’s growth had previously been driven by the brand’s supportive fans. By helping to implement an end-to-end marketing solution, we helped STAIX reach the next level.


With a preliminary budget of 10k p/m, STAIX wanted 3 x ROAS to enable them to reinvest profits and consistently scale month on month. 

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With a highly saturated and competitive market, STAIX were faced with insurmountable odds if they didn’t differentiate themselves from current market leaders. In addition to this, there was very little capital. 


From the start STAIX had a unique advantage, with the owner’s feet on the ground in current retail locations, he was able to not only get instant feedback on current products, but also ideas for future products and variations. This helped  compliment our overall strategy to effectively launch the brand’s innovative products using regular product and new design drops.

With our goal to differentiate STAIX from other leading brands and competitors, we helped with ideas and strategies in line with the current market. We pushed for free weight loss and workout guide e-books to assist the sale and add further value to STAIX products. 

It was important to introduce a community surrounding the brand which enabled STAIX to  bring together like-minded people. We wanted to consider the brand’s structure of mental, physical and spiritual exercise as it’s guiding force. This helped STAIX to create a loyal fanbase of customers which invariable lead to higher repeat purchase rates.

The goal was now to take these ideas and combine them with relevant creative and targeted omni-channel paid acquisition strategies that would in the end, yield incredible results.


"It's MAGIC, the amount of testing, Ads, and information has been invaluable and honestly blew my mind..."

Jake Swoyer


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