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Why hasn’t anyone done this before? TACH Luggage is set to disrupt the billion dollar industry with their  connectable luggage system. They came to us looking for a long term marketing partner to scale the brand globally.


Transitioning from Amazon is never easy. With a small test budget of 10k p/m to prove the viability of selling via their own store, they needed a minimum of 1.75X ROAS.

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In the highly competitive luggage market, TACH is faced with competing against the biggest and most entrenched names in the industry. 

With very little capital in comparison, this bootstrapped startup would require a creative marketing strategy to break through the ‘noise’.

From an advertising perspective we face two major challenges. Firstly, with high price points and low budget we knew it would a be challenge. 

Secondly, unlike most industries luggage has a very small repeat purchase rate as the suitcases come with a lifetime warranty, so the majority of the profit is made on the first sale.


Unlike in most industries, suitcase and luggage related products offer 2 unique challenges not often found in other eCommerce businesses. First of all the products are highly priced, which in itself is not a bad thing but definitely increases complexity when it comes to the small budget.

The main issue faced is the fact that you rarely get repeat buyers. Hardly surprising with a lifetime warranty. Unlike our conventional strategies, the majority of the profit is made on the first sale, making things difficult.

Something we found early on in the testing phase was that unlike previously anticipated, the ad copy which focussed heavily on parent with child who travels, didn’t work. We actually found our broader, less niche specific ads using a variety of models, products and locations ultimately paid off the most. 

Because of the aforementioned budget challenge, we decided to take advantage of Facebook’s “special categories” (trip considerations) and also the ‘Power 5’ to try and best utilise the limited budget. 

Alongside testing all the creative, we let Facebook take hold of the reigns in terms of campaign optimisation. This in conjunction with everything else, ended up yielding significantly higher results than first expected.


"We have broken quite a few records, we've had a ROAS on certain days of over 8.5X and our conversion rate has tripled..."

John Salek

TACH Connectable Luggage

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